Something to look forward to: If you want an easy way to record phone calls, it looks as if Google is getting ready to add the feature to its Google Phone App. Additionally, the company appears to be including an option that allows users to view transcripts of the calls.

XDA Developers and 9to5Google did some APK breakdowns to take a closer look at the feature, which the former publication managed to fully activate in version 44 of the Google Phone app.

Once the feature rolls out, users will see a 'Record' button in the UI during any incoming or outgoing call. Tapping this button once will start recording the call and a second tap will end the recording. Afterward, you can listen to the audio from the call log, and a button allows the call to be shared as a .WAV file.

One very cool addition should be the ability to view a transcript of any recorded call, which will likely use the same technology behind the Google Recorder app. The feature will certainly be appreciated by anyone carrying out phone interviews.

Being able to record calls does bring up some legal issues. When first activating the feature, a dialog box will remind users that many jurisdictions require the consent of both parties when recording calls. To protect itself from liability, Google plays a pre-recorded message to other parties informing them that they're being recorded and when the recording ends.

It's likely that the features will arrive on Pixel devices first, and they may be exclusive to the phones in certain locations. Xiaomi has announced, however, that the Google Phone app will come pre-installed on all the phones it sells in Europe.

Image credit: The Yooth via Shutterstock