Something to look forward to: Last year, reports claimed that EA had two unannounced Star Wars games in the works. Today, it seems one of those Star Wars games got an accidental leak, of sorts: a mysterious Star Wars game known as "Project Maverick" was revealed by automated Twitter account "PSN Releases."

PSN Releases is a bot account that tweets whenever a game or game update gets added to the PlayStation 4 marketplace. You can see the account's Maverick tweet below:

While we're unsure exactly what sort of game this is, Kotaku was able to confirm that it is indeed being actively developed by EA's Motive studio. According to the studio's Wikipedia page (which should certainly be taken with a grain of salt), it was created to specialize in the development of new IPs and adventure games. Historically, Motive hasn't exactly delivered on either of those fronts – the only major release in the studio's repertoire since its formation in 2015 is Star Wars: Battlefront II, which was neither an adventure game nor the start of a new IP.

Regardless, we don't know what kind of game Maverick will be, so perhaps things will change moving forward. Kotaku says it will be a "smaller, more unusual" project than what EA usually puts out, but it's tough to extrapolate any concrete details from that. It could be another single-player adventure game in the vein of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, or something else entirely. If any of our readers happen to be long-time Star Wars fanatics, feel free to check out the Maverick teaser image above and let us know if you spot any interesting details.

Otherwise, we can probably all look forward to learning more about Maverick soon enough. Whereas many other major tech conventions are shutting down amidst COVID-19 fears, E3 will be proceeding as planned. Though EA has distanced itself from the event in recent years, the company is still likely to hold its own conference shortly before E3 kicks off in June.