In brief: Google earlier this month said it would be cancelling the physical component of its annual I/O developer conference due to Covid-19 concerns. The admission left open the possibility of a digital event that could be streamed over the Internet but now, that option is off the table, too.

Google in a recent update on its I/O website said that out of concern for the health and safety of their developers, employees and local communities - and in line with recent "shelter in place" orders issued by Bay Area counties - they will not be holding I/O in any capacity this year.

I/O was originally scheduled to run from May 12 - 14 in Mountain View, California.

The tech titan said they remain committed to finding other ways to share platform updates with users, like through their developer blogs and community forums.

As for new hardware announcements, those will presumably be announced via standard press release, if not pushed back to later in the year.

Google earlier this week halted the launch of all new Chrome browser and Chrome OS releases, citing adjusted work schedules.

Apple last week said its Worldwide Developers Conference would still be held in June albeit with an all-online format. Shelter in place orders could doom Apple's plans as well, assuming of course that this whole thing drags on into June. It's all a bit unprecedented so who knows what will happen between now and then.

Google headquarters by Benny Marty.