Highly anticipated: Leaks of Intel's next desktop chips are a dime a dozen, but the processors themselves aren't. Direct Dial, a reliable Canadian retailer, has become the fourth retailer to list prices of a few of the new processors. It's just enough data to piece together the big picture and start drawing early conclusions before the chips arrive, likely in the coming weeks.

Hardware pricing can vary based on retailer, region and market conditions, sometimes quite illogically and randomly. Instead of getting into the nitty-gritty numbers, it's better to take a step back on this one.

Roughly, based on the early prices in the table below: the Core i9 10900-series will cost ~$50 more than the 9900-series parts it's supposed to replace. The Core i7 10700-series will cost ~$40 more than their counterparts, and the Core i5 10600-series will be ~$30 more. The rest of the tenth generation may not see a price change.

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Relative to their non-K counterparts, K-series processors tend to have slightly higher clocks, a greater power budget and are unlocked. KF-series are configured identically to the K-series, but lack integrated graphics.

  2Compute (tray) Bohemia Computers ITSK-HS Direct Dial
i9-10900/K/KF $506 / $562 / $532 ? ? $487 / ? / ?
i7-10700/K/KF $376 / $436 / $405 ? ? $363 / $419 / ?
i5-10600/K/KF $250 / $296 / $266 $251 / ? / ? $251 / ? / ? ?
i5-10500 $226 $210 $227 ?
i5-10400/F $215 / $185 $190 / $162 $204 / $174 ?

This generation's big upgrade is in the productivity department. At 10 cores, the Core i9-10900 has two more than its predecessor. The rest of the series now has hyper-threading and across the board clocks are about 100-200 MHz faster. Only the latter upgrade will move the needle for gaming performance, and it's a fairly insignificant difference, truth be told.

So how competitive will these chips be if they're at these prices? Probably about the same as the ninth generation. And when will we see them? Probably soon.

Direct Dial claims their first shipment of new Intel processors will arrive on June 17. This lines up with a leaked Intel document suggesting that review embargoes for various processors will lift between April 13 and June 26 --shipment delays are likely right now due to the coronavirus. Another leak suggests that Intel will announce their processors on April 30. We'll find out soon.