In context: Businesses are finally opening up following the destructive outbreak of Covid-19, but for gamers, the damage has already been done. Highly-anticipated gaming conventions like E3 and Blizzcon have already been canceled, and the industry has sought digital alternatives.

Take the latest Steam Game Festival, for example. Since gamers aren't able to go to a physical event to get their hands on upcoming games, Steam has partnered with various developers to bring us a week-long digital event filled with playable game demos, developer Q&A sessions, livestreams, and more.

The Festival kicked off today, and it ends on June 22, so now is the time to dive in if you're an avid PC gamer. There are demos for indie titles like Haven and Spiritfarer, as well as bigger releases like the Destroy All Humans remake or WWII-like RTS Iron Harvest.

We can't cover every game that now has a demo on Steam, but rest assured: there's truly something for everyone here. You'll find demos for RPGs, simulation games, action-adventure titles, platformers, stealth games, and even a handful of VR experiences.

If you're not sure where to start, Steam will recommend some demos for you based on games you've played and enjoyed in the past. In my case, Steam suggested I try space sim Everspace 2, fast-paced cyberpunk slasher Ghostrunner, and coop adventure Haven.

To check out all these demos, just boot up Steam, visit the Store page, and click on the Game Festival banner. If you try any demos that caught your eye, feel free to tell us about your experiences in the comments below.