Hot deal: If you are already planning to pick up CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077, why not get all developer's games for a few dollars more from GOG. That's six DRM-free games for a little more than the price of one. Who said GOG's Summer Sale was over?

On Wednesday, GOG announced it bundled all of CD Projekt Red's titles into a package deal for one low price. The "Ultimate Red Collection" includes The Witcher 1 and 2 Enhanced Editions, The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition, The Witcher Adventure Game, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, and a pre-order for Cyberpunk 2077, all for $87.77.

The collection would generally run you about $170 ($91 on sale now) if purchased separately. So you are still shaving a few dollars even off the sale prices. If you already own one or more of The Witcher games, the bundle is less attractive, especially if you picked up The Witcher 3 when GOG was giving it away.

However, for those who have never delved into The Witcher universe, this is a package they'll want to pick up by hook or by crook. Not only will it give them DRM-free versions of the titles that made CDPR famous, but it will also give them more than enough content to enjoy until Cyberpunk 2077 arrives on November 19.

The Ultimate Red Collection is the latest in a string of bundles and freebies that GOG has been offering this month before and after its big Summer Sale. It started with the giveaway of old-school RTS Total Annihilation. A couple of weeks later, it was handing out copies of Hitman: Absolution. Only days after that, The Witcher 3 was in the freebie bin bundled with a ton of related stuff ranging from digital comics to the game's soundtrack.

GOG did not list an expiration on this bundle other than mentioning that you can get discounts on merchandise if you order it before July 4. Presumably, the deal lasts at least until then.