Editor's take: The Swedish home furnishing specialist said that together with ROG, they will develop a range of affordable and ergonomic gaming furniture and accessories meant to boost performance while blending seamlessly into gamers' homes. If they can indeed come together and create a line of products that are on the lower end of the scale in terms of pricing yet still deliver quality and value, they could be on to something.

Logitech earlier this year partnered with American furniture maker Herman Miller on a high-end gaming chair. Asus is essentially doing something very similar but on the opposite end of the pricing spectrum.

The company's Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand has joined forces with affordable furniture maker Ikea on a new line of products designed specifically for gamers.

Ikea and ROG engineers and designers attended several workshops together in Shanghai where the new range is being developed in order to get a better feel for the needs of gamers and to "identify the list of functions needed to secure a high quality gaming experience at home."

The duo said the range will feature around 30 products initially and will launch first in China early next year before landing in other markets in October 2021.

No word yet on exactly what sort of gear we can expect to see although given the fact that Ikea's global business leader of workspace, Ewa Rychert, mentioned gaming being a cross-demographic activity, it's plausible that the new line will have a decidedly less "gamer" look and feel.

Masthead credit: pozitivo