TL;DR: It appears that those without a Disney Plus membership who missed the live-action remake of Mulan are in luck. The movie has been spotted on several digital retailers. However, it is still $30 to purchase.

Disney shocked many when it announced that Mulan would only be available to Disney Plus subscribers for a one-time fee of $30. The company insisted that it was not a rental and that they would own the movie. However, they had to maintain their Disney Plus membership to have access to it.

This plan seems to have fallen apart as it has now been released to third-party outlets only a month after its debut. The move is somewhat surprising since it seemed like Disney planned to hold it in the vault for the long haul to drive Disney Plus subscriptions. Its relatively cold reception is likely to blame for the quick move to mainstream sales.

While Disney has not released any official numbers showing how the reboot faired, Forbes reported that China Box Office labeled the film as "One of Disney's worst-performing remakes." The studio surely found this disappointing since it had high hopes for Mulan in China.

It wasn't any better in the West. Investment community Seeking Alpha noted that early estimates indicated the movie would reach revenue levels on par with Avengers: Endgame. However, it says analysts likely misinterpreted the data when making their approximations.

"The data itself was accurate, though how many people interpreted it was not," said Seeking Alpha's Max Greve. "Initial 'box office equivalent' estimates failed to account for several qualifying factors, including mix shift, TVOD cannibalization, and marginal costs. Disney may have lost over $100 million [on the film]."

Even without numbers to reflect upon, it's clear to see Mulan did not do as well as Disney hoped. Like so many other B-rate movies, it's getting farmed out to other outlets, practically before it has left Disney's virtual theater.

Mulan is available to pre-order for $30. It is slated for release next Tuesday in SD, HD, and 4K HD from Amazon, Vudu, and FandangoNow. It will also be coming to all Disney Plus members without the $30 Premier Access fee on December 4, 2020.