Bottom line: Scalpers have caused shoppers a ton of grief this holiday season but considering how much they're profiting from reselling this year's hottest tech, they probably aren't too concerned. But, just how much are scalpers actually raking in?

We've discussed at length just how difficult it has been to get hands on this year's top tech gifts. Desirables like the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nvidia 30 series graphics cards are commanding massive premiums on third-party reseller sites like eBay and now we have a better idea of just how much they are making.

Michael Driscoll, a data engineer with Oracle, recently wrote a script that scrapes eBay's sold listings for specific products and plots the information on a graph for easy digestion.

According to Driscoll's data, which we should point out is far from perfect, the PlayStation 5 with disc drive generated more than $27 million in total sales on eBay (US only) and created an estimated $14.7 million in profit for scalpers / eBay.

Sales of the Xbox Series X, meanwhile, have spawned north of $20 million in total sales, with an estimated $8.6 million in profits for scalpers / eBay.

In total across the new consoles, new graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia and new processors from AMD, US scalpers have made an estimated $39 million in profit on eBay since September. PayPal and eBay are also benefiting from these sales, netting an estimated $2.4 million and $6.6 million in fees, respectively.

Masthead credit: Roman Kosolapov