The big picture: Platforms designed to put content creators and celebrities in touch with their fans have thrived during the pandemic. As we look ahead to 2021, there isn't much evidence to suggest this trend will slow. In fact, companies like Reddit, Snapchat and Facebook are stepping on the accelerator with acquisitions and new product launches.

When the pandemic set in early this year and tech companies started sending employees home to work remotely, one category seemed particularly vulnerable. As it turns out, content creators have thrived during the Covid era.

A recent report from Axios highlights just how successful various outlets have been over 2020. Patreon, which helps creators run a subscription service, now has more than six million people funding professionals' dreams. OnlyFans, a content subscription service that is a popular outlet for adult content, is expected to generate $300 million in profit this year.

The number of people streaming on Twitch has also doubled in 2020 although viewership reportedly hasn't scaled proportionally.

Equally as impressive is Cameo, the video-sharing website where celebrities and public figures can record personalized videos for paying fans. In June, the service launched a new offering in which customers can pay to take part in a private Zoom call with stars.

Cameo app downloads are up 134 percent on the year.

Share value in Etsy, the e-commerce site where people sell all sorts of handmade goods and craft supplies, is up 300 percent since the beginning of the year.

Image credit Sutipond Somnam, Ivan Kruk