Gorgeous: Glance up, and admire a chilled Rocket Lake processor sending its clocks skywards to a stratospheric 6.9 GHz and beyond. In two short clips posted to Twitter, overclockers push an octa-core Rocket Lake processor to 6923.56 MHz using liquid nitrogen. They use a 113.50 MHz bus speed paired with a 61x multiplier. The 8 GB of system memory is similarly overclocked to a devilish 6666.66 MHz.

The clips are rather devoid of novel information, but as a development, the use of exotic cooling on Rocket Lake processors is an intriguing one. It may indicate that a release is imminent. If that's the case, then Intel's keynote on Monday, helmed by their executive VP Gregory Bryant, could be the moment.

Intel is likely to use liquid nitrogen as a marketing ploy for Rocket Lake, so this is your reminder to treat bold performance claims with suspicion.

The last time Intel used exotic cooling for marketing was at Computex 2018. Bryant proudly displayed a 28-core processor overclocked to 5 GHz. The industrial cooler it required was, quite literally, hidden under the table. Intel claimed it was all a misunderstanding…

With a little luck, Intel won't need such marketing tactics to sell Rocket Lake. It'll be the first generation of Intel desktop processors to introduce a new architecture. That could boost performance by ~20%. It will also introduce PCIe 4.0 and AVX-512 to the Intel platform.

Stay tuned for Monday, when Bryant takes the stage at virtual CES at 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST.