Facepalm: The Switch is the must-have handheld of the modern era but more than 30 years ago, it was another Nintendo portable that was all the rage. Unfortunately for one recent buyer, his "brand new" Game Boy from 1989 proved to be anything but. Ouch.

In 1989, Nintendo launched an 8-bit handheld console known as the Game Boy. It was designed by Gunpei Yokoi, the long-time Nintendo employee also responsible for creating the Game & Watch and the D-pad. Despite it being technically inferior to rival systems of the time, it ended up being a huge success for Nintendo.

An estimated 118.69 million Game Boy and Game Boy Color units were sold during their respective lifecycles.

Nintendo stopped manufacturing the Game Boy many moons ago, meaning the only way to get your hands on one these days is to shop eBay, thrift stores or garage sales. Nintendo Life did the latter.

In a new unboxing video, the publication takes a look at a recent garage sale find - an original Nintendo Game Boy. Or at least, that is what the buyer was led to believe. As you'll see, not everything in life is as promised.

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In hindsight, there was at least one big tell that could have helped determine if this was a legitimate new-in-box Game Boy. While not all Game Boy systems shipped in shrink wrap or with official Nintendo tape sealing the box, many did. This particular example didn't have either, and was instead taped closed with what appeared to be ordinary clear tape.

It's not a total loss. The buyer did get an original box and the link cable / headphones look unused.

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