Recap: Fry's first opened its doors in 1985 and most recently operated more than two dozen stores, many of which were located in California and Texas. Each location had a unique theme; for example, the store in Phoenix was modeled after an Aztec temple while the Austin store was built with live music in mind.

Fry's Electronics, once considered by many to be the holy grail of electronics stores, is calling it quits.

A message posted on the company's website notes that after nearly 36 years in business, they've made the difficult decision to shut down operations and close the business permanently due to changes in the retail industry and challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic.

Fry's said it ceased regular operations and started an "orderly wind down process" on February 24, which it believes will be in the best interest of the company, creditors and other stakeholders.

It's been tough sledding for electronics retailers ever since the advent of online shopping. Chains like Best Buy have managed to survive and even thrive at times, but others including CompUSA and Radio Shack weren't so fortunate.

Fry's didn't say what would happen to its existing inventory but a fire sale seems unlikely considering store employees have reportedly been laid off.

Images courtesy Sundry Photography, Kit Leong