WTF?! The fact that Nintendo of America's president has the same name as one of the company's famous characters---Bowser---is an amusing coincidence, but this is bordering on eerie: the company is now suing a hacker called, you guessed it, Bowser.

As reported by Polygon, a court filing shows that Nintendo of America has launched a lawsuit against Gary Bowser, the alleged leader of hacking group Team-Xecuter, over two trafficking counts and one copyright violation.

Nintendo claims that Bowser runs an "international pirate ring" that sells an unauthorized operating system called the 'SX OS,' and accompanying piracy tools that install it. The devices circumvent Nintendo's security measures so users can download pirated games, transfer them to a memory card, then play them on the Switch using SX OS. It also allows the pirated games to be copied, which can then be shared with others.

The suit adds that Bowser has been creating and selling Nintendo hacking devices since at least 2013 and has sold them for the DS, 3DS, and the Nintendo Wii. He was arrested along with Max Louarn, another alleged member of Xecuter, last October and charged with 11 felony counts.

Nintendo, which has requested a trial by jury, wants Bowser's operations shut down and is seeking damages; $2,500 for each trafficked device and $150,000 for each copyright violation. The company has called piracy a "serious, worsening international problem," and that Bowser's (not the Koopa's) actions "continue to put more than 79 million Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles at risk from piracy."