In brief: Finding a graphics card might not be as difficult as it once was, but anyone hoping to buy a Nintendo Switch later this year could struggle to do so. According to a new report, Nintendo expects to sell 10% fewer Switch consoles in 2022 due to the chip shortage and logistical disruptions.

After only launching in 2017, the Switch has become Nintendo's best-selling home console of all time with an amazing 103.54 million units sold—it reached 100 million units faster than any other console in history.

But while consumer demand for the Switch remains high, Nintendo expects to sell 20 million units this year, which is 10% down from its FY 2021 sales and a massive 30% lower than the previous year, when sales peaked at 28.83 million units. And it's all because of that constant scourge of hardware makers: the chip shortage.

Nintendo is no stranger to this sort of thing. Nikkei Asia reports that Nintendo had planned to produce 30 million Switch consoles in FY 2021, but the shortage of components saw it lower the forecast to 23 million last fall.

In December, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa warned that the Nintendo Switch devices could soon face the same availability issues as many other consumer electronic goods. That was before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Covid lockdowns in China, which have exacerbated global logistical and production issues.

At the time of writing, Amazon shows only four Nintendo Switch consoles in stock and no OLED models. If the reports are accurate, Nintendo fans might want to buy a Switch sooner rather than later.