In brief: Nvidia's RTX 4070 Ti arrived at the start of the month with an MSRP of $800. Most people agree that it's too expensive, and finding one at this price is no easy feat (but still doable). But the criticism doesn't appear to be damaging sales of the latest Lovelace entry, especially in Germany.

TechEpiphany (via VideoCardz) tweeted the latest sales figures from German hardware retailer Mindfactory, which show that 545 RTX 4070 Ti models were sold in the third week of January alone. For comparison, that's more than the combined sales of the Radeon RX 7900 XTX, RX 7900 XT, and Intel Arc A770/A380 – only 20 Intel cards were sold in the same week, admittedly.

Interestingly, Mindfactory's stats show that the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX sold 300 units, over 100 more than the RTX 4080 it competes against.

The GeForce RTX 4070 Ti isn't performing too shabbily in the US, either. It's the third best-selling graphics card on Amazon, sitting behind the RTX 3060 and Ti variant, and it takes up two positions on Newegg's best-selling GPU chart: fifth and eighth.

As we know, the RTX 4070 Ti started life as the $900 RTX 4080 12GB last year. The backlash against the price and the difference in specs compared to the RTX 4080 16GB led to Nvidia "unlaunching" the card and rebranding it as the RTX 4070 Ti, but the $100 discount hasn't proved popular – we said in our review that it shouldn't have an MSRP of more than $700.

Furthermore, the lack of Founders Edition cards and the fact that this is only Nvidia's recommendation means few models can be found at this price.

Even add-in board partner MSI mocked Nvidia's pricing strategy. In a quickly deleted tweet, the company noted that the RTX 4070 Ti was available from its store at a cost "not as bad as a 4080."

Another element noted by TechSpot is that the RTX 4070 Ti's cost per frame---the true value it offers---is almost the same as the RTX 3070.