$100+ Price Point

The Radeon HD 6750 comes by default with a core clock of 700MHz and RAM speed of 1150MHz (4.6GHz GDDR5). We were able to reach 800MHz core and 1300MHz (5.2GHz) memory speeds. This means the core was boosted by 14% and the memory 13%, so in the best of scenarios we are expecting a ~14% performance increase.

Playing Battlefield 3 at 1920x1200 the Radeon HD 6750 rendered just 17.1fps. Overclocking provided a frame rate increase of 13% which is just 2fps. While a 13% performance gain sounds substantial, at 19.3fps Radeon HD 6750 owners will still need to turn the visual quality down in this game.

Again we find that the Radeon HD 6750 is too slow to enjoy the latest games in all of their visual glory as it produced just 14.1fps when testing with Crysis 2. When overclocked we saw a 15% performance boost but this represented too little of a change. By lowering the visual quality perhaps that 15% performance gain could come in handy.

Dirt 3 was better able to exploit the benefits from our overclocking efforts. The Radeon HD 6750 saw a 14% performance increase which worked out to be a 4fps gain. Nonetheless, going from 27.8fps on average to the 31.8fps of the overclocked configuration, lag was considerably less noticeable when we pushed for the extra MHz.

The Witcher saw modest gains in our gameplay test. The Radeon HD 6750 averaged 24.9fps which was then increased to 28.1fps, a 13% performance increase that nonetheless went unnoticed.