Overclocking Performance

We increased Nvidia's reference clock of 915MHz by 18% to 1110MHz. The memory was boosted 15% from 6008MHz to 6908MHz. As a reminder, Gainward's GTX 670 ships with a factory overclock of 1006MHz/6108MHz, a small amount of the dirty work is done for you out of the box.

The overclocked GTX 670 garnered 13% more performance (9fps) in Just Cause 2, enough to push it over the dual-GPU HD 6990.

The card saw an 18% (9fps) boost in AvP, enough to overtake the GTX 580, GTX 580, HD 7950 and match the HD 7970.

Battlefield 3 also witnessed an 18% (12fps) gain, allowing the GTX 670 to surpass everything tested, including the GTX 590.