Can Combine Icons includes a Library which contains many template icons that you can use as they are, or combine with other icons to create custom documents, preference panes, plugins, folders, disk images and a lot more. It also has a selection of hardware icons and useful symbols.

To make creating batches of similar icon designs easier, the program includes a feature allowing you to create all possible combinations of the dropped icons and save them to the same destination.


* Custom folders for your applications or documents.
* Make your whole system coherent in style, when using a third party icon set.
* Create thumbnails for your pictures that can be viewed in any Finder view.
* Spice up your desktop with more colorful icons.
* Increase your system's usability by combining visual language with file names and text.

What's New:

New Features:
· Dramatic improvement of the quality of created 16x16 and 32x32 icons
· Creates open folder variations if they are present in the originals (for example the Aqua folder) and the user preference is set. Warning, creates icons larger than 100kB!

Fixed bugs:
· Fixed the occasional accidental creation of a file called "temp.tiff" in the current user's home folder
· Fixed a crashing bug when batch saving in 10.2 and 10.2.1.