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Google buys robotics design company Boston Dynamics

Google on Friday announced that they've acquired the robotic engineering company Boston Dynamics. The Waltham, Massachusetts-based company creates "machines that walk with an uncanny sense of balance and even — cheetahlike — run faster than the fastest humans.", The New…

Andy Rubin's new role at Google? Building robots

Wow, who knew that Amazon’s recent package delivery drone reveal would have such far-reaching implications? After learning that UPS was also working on an unmanned delivery system, we’re now hearing more about Google’s next “moonshot” project and it’s a doozy.

Android was originally designed for digital cameras, not smartphones

Here’s something you probably weren’t aware of: Android was originally designed for digital cameras, not smartphones. The early vision was to create smart cameras with third party apps that would improve the connection between digital cameras and computers and store…

Andy Rubin steps down as Android chief

Andy Rubin has decided to step down as the head of Google’s Android division. He will be handing the reins over to Sundar Pichai who will take over Android in addition to his work with Chrome and Apps, according to…