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Instagram adds live video and revamps direct messaging

Instagram is rolling out two big new features today: the ability to broadcast live video and a change to direct messages that will allow users to send disappearing photos and videos privately among friends. The new features further puts the…

Xbox One: Entertainment hub first, gaming console second - but can it disrupt TV?

Tech companies have been trying for years to get broadcast behemoths to change their ways and there’s been a good bit of progress. But it’s not enough. Technology is simply outpacing the traditional broadcast model. Something’s gotta give. Could the Xbox One be the catalyst for change that we’ve all been hoping for?

The Xbox One is now poised to become a huge mainstream success if Microsoft plays their cards right and even more so if they can get broadcast executives on board with their vision.

Japan to broadcast 4K UHDTV in 2014, 8K as early as 2016

If CES was any indication, Ultra-High Definition televisions will soon be all the rage. While increasing pixel counts are always proportionately more awesome, there's a minor snag: 4K UHD content is nearly non-existent. Japan is aiming to wrestle this problem…