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Asrock Beebox-S 7200U: Kaby Lake vs. Skylake

I've been using the Asrock Beebox as my day to day HTPC for a few months and it's been doing a fantastic job, so I didn't expect it to be replaced so soon. Nonetheless, Asrock has sent an updated Beebox-S model sporting Intel's new 7th-generation processor based on the Kaby Lake-U architecture.

Origin PC Omega Review: Powerful mini-ITX gaming

The Origin PC Omega is a small, quiet gaming machine that comes in a few different shapes, all of which are based on Silverstone’s great line of mini-ITX SFF cases. Our review unit is built on the slim desktop design of the Silverstone RVZ01, which houses an overclocked Skylake Intel Core i7-6700K and a full-sized Geforce GTX Titan X graphics card.

NZXT DOKO box offers a pure HTPC experience

For the better part of the last decade, enthusiasts have been working to solve the riddle of how best to bring the PC experience to the living room. After all, early HTPCs were born out of the desire to watch…

ECS Liva 64GB Mini PC Review: A tiny, efficient HTPC kit

Setting a new bar for small form factor PCs, ECS launched the Liva earlier this year, making comparable machines look oversized and overpriced. Since its debut, ECS has updated the Liva with a 64GB option and though that's double the storage, we have only seen a mild price increase to $185. Paired with a super efficient fanless design that promises smooth 1080p playback it certainly grabbed our attention.

One Neat Cube: Xigmatek Nebula Mini-ITX Case Review

Enter the Nebula by Xigmatek, a striking solution with a neat cube design that offers a 2.2L capacity. It's safe to say the Nebula is unlike anything we've seen before, and that tends to come at a premium. The case is pretty new and pricing isn't entirely clear yet in the US, but it's going for €85 or about $115 in other regions -- over twice the Elite RC-130's price.

xigmatek nebula review

Asrock Vision HT 420D HTPC Review

It's been a few years since we published an enthusiastic review of Asrock's pricey yet powerful Vision 3D HTPC. The company has since kept our attention with annual updates, now on its fourth generation, the Vision HT 420D has received a proper upgrade to Intel's Haswell architecture as well as other improvements that contribute to the system's respectable list of features, making it one of the most impressive HTPCs to date.

asrock htpc review

Thermaltake intros SD101 Mini-ITX HTPC chassis

Thermaltake has unveiled a new compact enclosure with features specifically geared toward HTPC-like applications. The SD101 may not be able to handle the same breadth of enthusiast hardware as cases like Cooler Master's recently released HAF XB, but at only…

Zotac updates Zbox HTPC with Brazos 2.0 E2-1800 APU

Just in time to attract a few holiday shoppers, Zotac has announced a performance refresh for its Zbox Mini PC series. Armed with AMD's E2-1800 APU, the new Zbox AD06 supposedly offers about 10% more speed than its predecessor, the…

Commodore unveils Amiga Mini PC with i7-2700K, Blu-ray

Steadfast in its mission to deliver retro machines, Commodore USA has unveiled a modern take on the Amiga. Called the "Amiga Mini," the system is compact enough to serve as an HTPC at 7.75in x 7.75in x 3in (197mm x 197mm x 75mm), yet powerful enough to be a workstation...

Roku announces thumb-sized set-top 'Streaming Stick'

Roku is celebrating the new year by unveiling miniature set-top solution. Dubbed the "Roku Streaming Stick," it's approximately the same size as a USB flash drive but packs most of the functionality you'd find in a standard set-top box, such…

Tranquil PC ships 1.5-inch thick, fanless HTPC

PC manufacturer Tranquil has launched a new media center system that is only 1.5-inches tall and designed to fit right in with the rest of your living room's audio and video equipment. The MMC-12 is around the same size as…