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Rumored Apple "iWatch" to feature curved glass design

Fueled by sources purportedly familiar with Cupertino's developments, a report by The New York Times indicates Apple's rumored wristwatch-like device will feature curved glass. Rumors suggest the "iWatch", as it is being called for now, could enter production as early…

The Apple Decade: Where They Succeeded and Others Were Too Lazy to Innovate

In the decade we have been publishing TechSpot, we have watched Apple resurge from the joke that G3 and G4 machines represented, to the Apple 'Mac vs. PC' debate -- during a time the company had better luck selling MP3 players than computers -- to today's ubiquity of Apple products in all forms of computing devices.

During the past 10 years Apple has systematically attacked and conquered from several fronts. Here's a brief recount of those winning products, and where it applies, the industry incumbents that for one reason or another failed to innovate or at least failed to beat Apple at breaking products to the masses first.

How Apple maintains prices virtually everywhere

Say what you will about Apple and why its products deserve (or don't deserve) their respective price tags, but here's an interesting, tangential query: how exactly does Apple maintain such consistent pricing across so many vendors? Macworld believes they have…

Apple's iTunes Music Store now available in 119 countries

Continuing with an aggressive expansion plan kicked off earlier this year, Apple announced the launch of its iTunes Store in a total of 56 countries today, bringing the number of supported markets up to 119. The announcement almost doubles its…

Microsoft at War: Keeping Score of Redmond's Success and Fail Stories

Microsoft sits on the edge of a product launch that is plainly among the most important in the company’s history. It comes at a time when the company’s traditional hardware partners are facing ferocious market pressure from the commoditization of their products, and of course, the juggernaut known as the iPad.

As can be expected, the company’s many cheerleaders and haters are out in full force. Pundits can and will pontificate on Windows 8’s chances. However, what might be more useful is looking at Microsoft’s other make or break moments. The upcoming launch is far from the first time that Redmond has fought with its back against a wall. A backward glance at these moments, and careful evaluation of them, may provide a better, ahem, window into the company’s chances this Winter.

Is Apple's USB wall adapter really worth $29?

While Apple is getting more competitive on system pricing, the company's accessories still seem wildly overpriced. For instance, the iOS USB power adapter costs $29, while generic units are readily available through Amazon for under as little as a dollar or two with free shipping...

Happy Birthday: The iPod Turns 10

A decade ago, Apple launched an MP3 player that can be partly attributed with shaping today's mobile computing landscape. Along with being the best-selling portable media player and saving Apple from near irrelevance, the iPod influenced many of Cupertino's ambitious projects, forcing much of the industry into a perpetual state of catch-up.

In fact, the iPod prompted Apple to change its name to just "Apple Inc.” Without fawning over Apple's every endeavor, we'd like to pay homage to the company's game-changing gadget on its 10th birthday. Join us as we take a brief stroll down memory lane.

Apple to hold media event on September 7?

Rumors of the next iPhone have been swirling ever since the phone was a no-show at WWDC earlier this year, but now we have the first rumored date of Apple’s next media event: September 7. Apple broke tradition in June when the annual conference passed without a peep about...

Apple releases iWork for iPhone & iPod touch

Apple today announced that its iWork productivity apps (Keynote, Pages, and Numbers) are now available for the iPhone and iPod touch (in addition to the iPad). In other words, Cupertino has finished porting iWork from the Mac to iOS, allowing…