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Reviewing Cooler Master's HAF XB "LAN Box"

Following the success of 2008's HAF 932 chassis, Cooler Master didn't waste any time adapting its High Air Flow design to various other form factors and price points -- many of which we've covered in depth. Along with its larger options, the company offers three mid-towers: the $50 HAF 912, $100 HAF 922 and $130 HAF XM.

While the cost of these cases varies significantly, they're all fairly similar in terms of stature in that their tall, rectangular profile resembles most other mid-towers. Mixing things up, Cooler Master's latest mid-size enclosure, the HAF XB, breaks the conventional mold with boxier dimensions -- in fact, the company describes it as a "LAN box".

Lian Li unveils compact, rugged chassis for LAN partiers

Although there's no shortage of mammoth full tower desktop chassis, very few enclosures cater specifically to LAN-goers. Considering the stringent attributes and relatively niche market involved, that should come as no surprise. The ideal LAN party case is small and…

Coverage from Dreamhack in Sweden

I arrived here at Dreamhack yesterday, this is the biggest LAN in the world, featuring over 5000 attendants. You can expect more coverage from DH next week in an article, though in the meantime this picture might give you an…