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Microsoft launches social network for students

Microsoft launches social network for students

Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs has launched a new social network designed with students in mind. The experimental site is called (pronounced “social”) and is initially being made available to students at the University of Washington, Syracuse University and New…
Facebook's Timeline feature goes live worldwide

Facebook's Timeline feature goes live worldwide

Facebook has officially begun rolling out the new Timeline feature to its entire 800+ million user base. Announced in September, the move represents a complete reconceptualization of profile pages, where instead of just the most recent updates, users will see…
Diaspora co-founder commits suicide at 22

Diaspora co-founder commits suicide at 22

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of Diaspora's four founders, died over the weekend at just 22 years of age. Sources close the company confirmed the death was a suicide but it may take weeks for an official determination. Billed as an open alternative to Facebook...

Google+ believed to be closing in on 50 million users

Google+ believed to be closing in on 50 million users

Google+ has attracted over 43 million users since opening the doors to their new social network less than three months ago. co-founder and self-proclaimed Google+ unofficial statistician Paul Allen (no relation to the Microsoft co-founder by the same name)…
Google+ pulls in 20 million users in three weeks

Google+ pulls in 20 million users in three weeks

The social network scene became even more diversified a couple of weeks ago when Google launched their new Google+ service on an invite-only basis. Just three weeks later, digital marketing monitor comScore Inc. estimates that Google+ had more than 20…
Google takes aim at Facebook with Google+

Google takes aim at Facebook with Google+

Google hasn't had much luck with its social networking efforts in the past, but the company is ready to give it another go with an ambitious project that brings together some good ideas from the reigning king of social networks…