Two-factor authentication articles

Google's five-year stronger consumer authentication roadmap

Google has revealed its five-year roadmap for stronger authentication and security, which includes a number of proposed adjustments to the way users login to its services, such as hardened access controls and long-life tokens. The roadmap shifts practices away from…

Google joins the FIDO Alliance's board of directors

Google recently joined the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance’s board of directors in order to bolster their two-factor authentication efforts. NXP and CrucialTec have also joined the board according to a press release published by FIDO.

Apple IDs gain option for two-step verification

Apple today joined a growing list of companies who offer two-factor authentication. The move offers users the option of better security by requiring additional information while logging in, namely a four-digit verification code sent via SMS or through Apple's Find…

Dropbox tightens security with two-factor authentication

Following up on its promise to tighten security after an employee's hacked account led to a limited number of users receiving spam in their registered email accounts, Dropbox is making two-factor authentication available as an option. For now the feature…