2nd Hidden recycle bin on Windows 10

I am trying to reduce the data on my laptop and ran a great little program to show me why there is so much I can’t account for. It has shone a 2nd recycle bin with a load of data in but I can’t find it to empty it or ideally get rid of it. I can’t find any help on this either? Has anyone got any ideas?
I have not uploaded a JPEG to this forum before and just tried and it failed for some reason. So I tried to take a photograph through the form and that failed to. Any ideas?
I worked it out, had to go on PC would not load from my phone, I hope its clear enough? the top rycle bin (fist on list) is an icon on decskop and is emplty, I have no idea where the 2nd recyle bin is located?
Hi, thanks so much for your help. My issue is a bit diffent and this did not work. My desktop icon linked RB1 (Recyle Bin) works fine, trash goes in and can be empited, I dot belive it is a link the RB2 the hidden RB with a load of data I cant find? Hope this makes sence?