6553 Compaq Motherboard

By iceman130
Jan 10, 2004
  1. This board after reading the posts of all the problems id'ing it, here is what I found and it works with I did to it..

    It is an nforce board.
    Runs 266 FSB
    It will support Amd up to 2600+ with NO changes, just plug the new cpu in...
    Update the chipset from Compacq, free download, latest is in Oct. of 03.

    I put a 2400+ and a radeon 9600 Pro in and ran 10000 3d marks with it, no overheat, to ovewrclocking anything, so this board isn't a big mystery to me and I hope it helps out you guys...Do not fool with the jumpers and use the same Bios and you won't have any problems...

    Dan the ICEMAN...
  2. bassman

    bassman TS Rookie

    Hey Dan,

    I have similar issues, and am wondering where i can find this update from compaq.
    As my chat session with a compaq specialist resulted in nothing, they didn't any upgrade possibilities.
    if you have a link to this update site, i would greatle appreciate it.

    Best regards,

  3. drKM

    drKM TS Rookie

    Compaq Presario 6000t

    I have a the same motherboard ms6553 however I installed a amd xp athalon xp 1600 1.4ghz and nothing shows up on the display. The display is totally blank and the red light for the power button stays on. I actually inherited the computer and sort of had to diagnose to resolve why the monitor wouldn't display anything. So when I went into the computer I noticed the CPU which was an AMD athalon xp 1600 was black as if it had burned up and it didn't have a cooler fan attached. This is why I installed an AMD xp 1600.

    However as I was reading on some of the tech websites and from one of HP's website for compaq presario 6000t it was installed with a pentium 4. Some websites say that the motherboard supports amd and you specifically recommend this. However, this doesn't seem to be the setup for my motherboard. Could it be that the motherboards are different with the same number.

    Please advise about the red light.

    Best Regards,
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