6600LE WinFast driver issues. Flickering/Pixelating display in games

By Tone90
Nov 11, 2005
  1. Just got my new computer so after upgrading from the old computer i decided to go and get allll those new games ive been missing out on. Load them all up and first one, QUAKE 4 looks gorgeous, graphics are fantastic and its running smooth as. Then the screen starts flickering, squares of colour/distortion appear randomly over the screen. However these squares dont transfer themselves to the sky or other stationary objects. Ive tried it with FarCry aswell and it still happens. Comp specs are:
    1GB RAM
    nVidia 6600LE
    WinFast graphics driver

    Ive tried it with a different monitor as well and it still stuffs up. Running out of ideas as im about to install NVidia driver instead.
    Any other suggestions????
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