8300 mgpu + 8400 gs SLI Versus gt 240

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Jan 4, 2010
  1. I have an 8300 mgpu which runs alright but I need a lot more for HD video-playback and I plan to buy a gt 240 but I wonder if SLI between the 2 gpus mentioned above (SLI) would perform better than gt 240 alone, since it doesn't have SLI. If you guys are wondering why I chose 8400 gs it's because my budget isn't that high so I chose it. I have like $120, very poor. I'm considering about buying 8600 gt too but nvidia recommended 8400 gs so I'm not really sure. I'm a noob at building PC. My step-dad built this PC for me but I just found out that this PC just can't satisfy my need for speed.
  2. dividebyzero

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    but I just found out that this PC just can't satisfy my need for speed.

    You're not the first, and certainly won't be the last with this damned affliction.

    In my opinion I would say go with the best single card you can afford. SLI (and Crossfire for that matter) present their own set of peculiarities, which include:
    *video driver issues-single cards are much less likely to have problems with new games than multi-gpu setups. SLI/Crossfire may take more driver updates to correct issues as well.
    *SLI/Crossfire will not scale linearly- the second card you buy that is the same price as the first card will only give to a maximum of 80% of it's performance, and more often very much less-sometimes multi-gpu can give worse performance than a single card.
    *Less airflow through the chassis/more heat to dissipate
    *Two lesser cards will usually use more power and power connectors than a single card.

    I run a SLI rig myself- but unless
    a. you are a hopeless tech addict
    b. you have loads of excess cash
    c. you are lucky to get a too-good-to-pass-up deal
    d. need to game at max. settings at 1920x1080 resolutions (or higher)
    Then I would advise the best one card solution within your budget. You can always buy it a friend to link up with when the prices come down or you find a steal on eBay.
  3. allenwalker31

    allenwalker31 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks, I'll go for the gt 240 then :)
  4. compdata

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    If you can swing $140 i would get the AMD Radeon HD 5750 (found on on new egg for that price)


    It is far superior to the gt 240. I don't know exactly what your system specs are, but check out ati's page to double check to make sure your system will be able to handle it (you probably could get by with a slightly smaller power supply then they spec depending on your cpu).

  5. dividebyzero

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    If you can bend the budget then, as compdata says, the HD 5750 is the much better buy.
    It is one generation newer than the GT 240, supports DirectX 11 (so a little futureproofing) and has comparable performance to nVidia's GTS 250/9800GTX+ which is 2 rungs up the ladder in performance from the GT 240 (the 9800GT occupying the spot in between).
  6. allenwalker31

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    as I said I have 8300 mgpu, and I'm not really sure if it'd fit in (or even compatible to it.) My specs are on the sys spec button and I'm not sure about the memory sticks but it said DDR2 and i have 2.75 gbs.
  7. dividebyzero

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    Compatibility wouldn't be an issue.
    You would however need to disable the 8300 in your motherboard BIOS and then remove the nVidia drivers - I would recommend Driver Sweeper here https://www.techspot.com/downloads/4266-driver-sweeper.html as it does a better job of removing the driver completely.
    You would then be free to load ATI drivers.
    You cannot use the 8300 in any case as the GT240 cannot be used in a Hybrid SLI situation.
    The dimensions of the HD5750 in stock form are a length of 200mm (8 inches). Width and height are standard for the ATX form (width 100mm, height 33mm (dual slot) ).
    Your system has full compatibility with either card.
  8. allenwalker31

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    I'm not into gaming that much, thanks though. GT 240 GDDR5 is good enough since I'm only using the card for video-playback. Even if I have Radeon, it wouldn't make much of a difference even if it has higher performance. And I have a really small case, last time I wanted to put the 9600 gs in, I had to relocate my hard drives, causing some problems. And I don't use SLI anyway so it's cool, I don't have a good PSU ^^;
  9. dividebyzero

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    All good.
    Enjoy your new addition !
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