A hertz problem that wont let me sleep =o

By Gustavito
Nov 9, 2004
  1. undefinedOk well heres my situation ....I have an ati 98000 pro and that works just fine, my problems is associated with my monitor i think..for some strange reason i can "reforce" my desktop hertz on 1024 by 768 to 120 and i do not get that "out of sync" error msg on my monitor BUT when it comes to counterstrike on open-gl VSYNC ON..on the 1024X768 resolution i get a max fps of 70 when in reality i should be gettin the perfect and constant 100 fps.

    Ive tried reforce, ive tried ati fix ...reforce doesnt give me the out of sync error but ati fix does its really wierd ..ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED

    p.s please do not tell me to just turn off vsync to get 100 fps..thank you.
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