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A Message to Tmagic

By Bobbye
Jan 27, 2010
  1. And you haven't caught that this member is running 64bit Vista-which does not work properly with HJT.

    why is that?

    You have overlooked the DFSR.EXE (Trojan.Agent/Gen) running., why is that?

    You haven't questioned the specific use of xserver.exe.Having this program run at startup is up to your discretion. If you find the program useful, you may want to leave it running at startup.You can also share programs and computing resources with host computers connected to your PC over a network.

    are you doing this?

    There is more than one issue and they aren't being addressed. If you're going to jump on the thread and throw Combofix at everyone right off without tending to the malware that shows in the current. logs, you are going to have a very long list of unsolved threads.

    Files have to be moved and removed. The original logs must be addressed and you have to know what to do with the results of the scans you tell people to run.

    Asking them is the computer runs okay and cutting off there is shorting these people the help they need. If you're going to pick up every malware threads that comes up, you'd better learn how to read the results you see and what to do with the results from the programs (Combofix and Eset) that you tell people to run.

    I am no longer going to pick up thread you have deserted and try to finish it. So if you're going to pick up the threads, then you damn well better know what to do besides run Combofix and Eset, the results of which you ignore.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    My dear Bobbye,
    You and everyone here miss things from time to time. Many things can be corrected or avoided by deleting cookies and temp files regularly. You have stated many times that infections can be treated one time, one way, and the same infection has to be treated differently the next time... If I can contribute I will
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