A monitor for a 9600GT

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Apr 22, 2009
  1. So I'm selling stuff and hopefully getting enough dough to buy a nice new monitor. I've been using this CRT for quite a long time, and honestly, I'm not bothered one bit by it. It's nice and smooth and has a nice resolution of 1280x1024. But I'd like to go bigger and wide screen, but I don't wanna get something so big my video card will struggle with games, I usually run games in this CRT at 1024x768. But budget is ~$200 and I'd like at least a 20." But I'm really not sure what kind of resolutions the 9600gt can handle well. Sure I'm eventually buying a GTX2XX series in the future, but I need something before I upgrade my machine. Suggestions?

    Also: What does it mean when they put a "GTG" next to their response time?
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    Grey to grey, that's what it means. You can find 20" monitors easy for 200ish, similar to the resolution you currently have.
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    I have a 17" ViewSonic VX724 LCD at the resolution 1280x1024 and my 9600GT handles it with no problem. So 20" models that supersmashbrada suggests shouldn't be an issue at all.
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