A motherboard issue? seeking second opinion...

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Jan 6, 2007
  1. Ok i'm new to these forums. Just want a second opinion here really.

    A few months ago my PSU went bad and fried my video card. The card was under warranty so i sent it in and got a replacement. Bought a new PSU from Microcenter (Cooler master 600watt).

    Ever since the computer has slowly been getting worse. At first it was just freezing on the windows logo when booting up, flashing real quick to a blue screen (to fast to read it at all), and restarting. It still does this and sometimes can take 10 times of it restarting before it boots up. Now i am getting random program errors (only when i close certain programs, mostly video games), the errors appear to be memory errors. However i have done extensive testing on the memory and it is fine. I then decided to just reformat and start fresh. This did nothing but make it worse, now i have the computer doing random things along with what i already had! Like starting up programs i never clicked on, or opening a window in a game that i never clicked to open. Scanned the computer for viruses and spyware... found nothing. Reformatted again.... still the same issues. The hard drive has also been tested and checked out fine. I do not have a kit to test the board so i was wondering, anyone think these issues could be caused by the board being damaged when the PSU went bad? I've never had these issues with a computer before, nor seen them and i've fixed A LOT of PCs.
  2. Nodsu

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    Looks like a bad motherboard, yes.. You are lucky that the PSU didn't kill more components. All that remained of one of my previous PCs was a stick of RAM and the radio tuner card.

    The opening of windows and suchlike looks like a problem with input devices. If you have USB mouse/keyboard, maybe disable the on-board USB controllers and use a PS/2 mouse/keyboard instead?
  3. raybay

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    Any defective device can damage the motherboard... PSU is not the most likely, either. Check all components... modem, NIC, video graphics is the most common, sound card failures are a common cause, cpu and case fans, bad cables very common, keyboard, mouse, anything USB or Firewire.
  4. jakegerome

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    I do suspect the sound as a possible issue. maybe it was damaged by the bad PSU. In some instances in games the sound will at random make a game crash without warning and at random. If i disable it, whichever game i'm playing at the time will never crash. Anyways, it sounds like an all out motherboard issue. Guess i'll have to go find a new one, kinda getting hard to find the socket 754 boards around though... at least with the 8x agp.
  5. jakegerome

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    A quick update: Even though the board has the Nvidia NForce 3. I removed the Nforce Drivers for the onboard sound and installed Realtek drivers... video games now no longer crash or glitch as they did before with sound enabled. Still have the random freezing and quick blue screening at the windows boot though.
  6. Tedster

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    check your RAM with memtest 86+
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