A new major release is coming for No Man's Sky next week called 'The Abyss'

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Full disclosure: I will admit, I bought into the No Man’s Sky hype and got the game on day one. I was not as disappointed as most, but I did lose interest after a while. Since the NEXT update, I’ve been playing regularly and am impressed with the improvements, frequent update and bug fixes, and community events as limited and glitchy as they are.

Now that No Man’s Sky seems more like a complete game, the team at Hello Games has somewhat shifted focus to bug fixes and providing exciting content like community events. Patches have been coming almost on a weekly basis.

Next week players will be getting a new update called The Abyss. Sean Murray announced it in a mysterious tweet this morning.

This is not just one of the typical weekly patches the game has been receiving. The Abyss is the next titled update meaning there will be significant changes. This will be the game's fifth major iteration. Prior releases all added something significant to the core game. These additions include base building (Foundation), exocraft (Path Finder), portals, new storylines (Atlas Rises), and multiplayer (Next).

Official details on the forthcoming update are scarce.

“A new free update is releasing next week for all players. We’ve called it The Abyss, because it focuses on some of the eerier elements of No Man’s Sky, in keeping with the theme of this season,” was all Murray would say in a release announcement.

Other outlets took this to mean Hello Games is releasing a Halloween themed patch. However, a source close to TechSpot says the update may be bringing submarines and underwater base building among other things. Players can currently build underwater, but results are often glitchy and unpredictable.

The insider claims to possess an experimental update, which he data mined for information. The code contains a large number of underwater references including a submarine exocraft called "Nautilon," improvements to the jetpack while using it in water, and an Oxygen Rerouter that redirects oxygen from Life Support while underwater. There will also be some new aquatic flora and fauna additions including one called “Abysmal Horror.”

This information is entirely unconfirmed and should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt. However, the source has been right on past smaller patches. There are also a couple of hints that support that this rumor holds water (pardon the pun).

First is the name of the update — The Abyss. That one is pretty obvious, but also note how Murray put it in the tweet — a line if tildes (~) at the top and 'The Abyss' way below. The tildes make ocean waves. This seems like Murray playing with fans letting them know that the update will be aquatic in nature without coming right out and saying it.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see what The Abyss has to offer. If it is anything close to the sources claims, fans should be quite excited about partaking in new underwater adventures.

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