Accessing BIOS on an Asus Laptop

By Phanixis
Nov 11, 2013
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  1. I recently purchased an Asus N56VJDH71 laptop. The laptop came preinstalled with the abomination known as Windows 8. I am trying to change the boot order so the laptop will boot from my Windows 7 disk. To do this I need to access BIOS. I have tried most of the standard key combinations, F1, F2, F8, F12, Insert, Delete, but I cannot seem to access BIOS.

    I even contact Asus Tech support by phone but their representatives are a special kind of useless. They would not provide me a straight answer to this question. Does anyone else have Asus laptops? Do they know how to access BIOS.

    Update: I have half solved this problem. There is a rather convoluted procedure listed here that enables me to access BIOS. Still, this is something I should be able to access upon booting, I should not be going through the operating system just to access BIOS. If something ever went seriously wrong with my computer, I may never be able to fix it if the only way to access BIOS is listed above.

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