Accidentally deleted Windows account, can I restore it?

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Sep 9, 2010
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  1. i was making a new admin account on my dads computer and it deleted his account i tryed system restore to get it back but i didnt work it doesnt make sense i dont remenber hitng anything tht wouldd delete it wtf i need help
  2. LookinAround

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    If his account is gone i don't know you can restore the account.. Assuming that means all his files disappeared with his account i think your best bet is trying a file recovery tool to at least try and recover his files. I heard that Recuva is pretty good

    But if you really want to be cautious before attempting ANY type of file recovery I'd advise you don't try anything further until you create a disk image backup of the hard drive. Because any file recovery (or whatever you do next) may affect the current disk image (which might still have his files in currently "unallocated space" 'cuz the files were deleted)

    You can use EASUS Todo Backup is good freeware.

    But instead of downloading and running EASUS directly on computer with Dad's account, i'd first try downloading and starting EASUS on a different computer. Then look in the EASUS Todo Backup menu to create a recovery media CD. I think you can then boot your Dad's computer from the CD, connect an external USB disk and create a backup image of the disk before you attempt file/folder recovery


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    p.s. note by creating a disk image backup NOW you can (in worst case) at least always restore back to current disk image if need be to try different recovery tools and methods. Otherwise that disk image will keep changing as you keep trying and potentially lose any recoverable data
  3. ruready2

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    FWIW.. I may be wrong but, it sounds like your dad's initial account may have been the defaut admin account. When you created a new account with admin privileges the default account is automatically hidden. Reboot in safe mode and choose the admin account. See if your dad's files are in that account. <<<<< How to boot in safe mode.
  4. Archean

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    First of all, even if it was default admin account it shouldn't be hidden. Once an account is deleted, even if you re-create it with same user name/password, it will be assigned a new SID.

    Secondly, even if the account is deleted, you can recover most of his data, as the folders related to that account remain on the hdd (now I have no idea which windows you are using, so I can't be specific here).
  5. jobeard

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    when deleting accounts, there are two options
    1. delete the login account
    2. delete or keep the account files
    if (2) was chosen, they are gone.

    Otherewise, the files will still be there
    • On Win/XP
      Look in C:\Documents and Settings\*here

    • On Vista or Win/7
      look in C:\Users\*here
    As noted, while you can recreate an Account name, it will not physically be identical. As long as (2) was not used, the directory contents can be moved to the new account

    The so called hidden Administrator account (ie it's hidden in the XP/Home Edition)
    can be replicated (ie Make Another account with the same privs).
  6. ruready2

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    Contrare my friend. It is hidden in Windows Xp. That does not mean you cannot access it nor it's files but, access to the account can only be accomplished in safe mode for xp home and in safe mode or by pressing alt + ctrl + delete twice at the welcome screen in xp pro. Access to the files can be accomplished by taking Ownership of the files via the security tab. If the account in question was the default admin account it cannot be deleted. The OP does not mention the OS.
  7. Archean

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    Thanks for the correction, that is one OS version I never touched even with a wooden spoon ...... :rolleyes:

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