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Acronis True Image_"Failed to lock volume snapshot" - BU failed

By Debbie23
Sep 14, 2011
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  1. Using Acronis TI home 2009 (updated) in Vista x64 hm prem
    Have used it to do images on this machine before, but... Tried selective BU (chose several partitions on one disk) - NOT whole disk BU. Error came back:
    Couldn't find this exact err on Acronis or the web. Found generic suggestion on Acronis help to d/l their Acronis Report Tool, that gathers disk / partition info (copy is attached). Said if see "E's" (for error) under the C column in upper R of report, should run check disk & see if problem clears up / BU will then run. (Though Acronis' instructions for their report tool, didn't say what the "E" likely meant. Assume if they're suggesting run chkdsk, bad sectors).

    Ran the report tool - file is attached. Also attached a report file from Ghost's Partition Info tool.

    If someone knows the likely reason(s) for the Acronis listed errs / codes, & has suggestions, great. Otherwise (or also), those experienced in the report files from Acronis report tool, or Ghost's, please take a look - see if something obvious is wrong.

    Acronis rpt shows "E's" under the "C" column on several partitions. Ran chkdsk / R on E:\ drive [vol. named Documents in the report]. Check disk didn't find errors on E:\. Then RE ran Report tool - to see if cleared up the "E" (error) for E:\ drive in the report - it didn't.

    Also ran Ghost 15 "Partition Info tool" (do NOT have Ghost installed on same machine - just ran the tool). It shows all cyl / head info, and usually reports errors like overlapping partitions. Best can tell, no real probs like that.


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