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Adobe Acrobat 8 download issue... 2013

By kyotewmn
Apr 16, 2013
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  1. Hi...total noob here :)

    I dld'd the freeware for Acrobat 8, and all was well, with only 7 seconds left to it, when a message popped up that read: "The file 'Adobe PDF.dll' on Windows Vista CD-ROM is needed. Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK".

    Naturally, I have no such CD-ROM. I'm running on a year old Dell XPS 15 laptop with more bells and whistles then I know what to do with..lol.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Smiles, Kyote~
  2. kyotewmn

    kyotewmn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Does anyone have the answer to this?!?

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