Advice needed on mobo and cpu!

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This is my first build and I was wondering if you guys could help me out, and enlighten me with your wisdom!

The components i am looking at are as follows:



Ram (2x):


what do you guys think? i have a limited budget and cant really spend much more than i already have! thanks for the help !



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I have that ram, it's pretty good stuff for the price(In US anyway). I can't really help too much on price, I have no clue if 122 punds is good for the cpu.

How good do you want your graphics. If you only do 2d stuff, then you may be overkill, if you do 3d gaming with the newest games(farcry, doom3) then it will not really suffice. A 9550 can probably run many games at low/med. detail at 1024x768 or lower screen res's.
hey, cheers for the reply!

the CPU equates to about $257, which i think is pretty good. as for graphics card, ill be playing games like SOF2 and CS. I use adobe photoshop and cinema 4d regularly. I dont want an amazing graphics card because i have a limited budget.

what g-card would u recommend for the price of around $70? because thats how much im willing to spend.

besides that, would you say the system is any good?

thanks man!


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That will be a fine machine ,
You might consider finding a base price 915 intel board would allow you more upgrade room when your budjet allow. PCI-X for instance .
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