After clean install of WinXP, can't find needed drivers

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Jan 11, 2014
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  1. I'm totally new to this, computers just aren't my thing. But here's the back story...I logged into Windows XP on my desktop at home after about four years of it sitting in the corner collecting dust. I had internet installed at home recently and needed to set up the new modem. Windows was running slow as a snail, so I went ahead and did a clean install from the original CDs that came with the computer since I didn't need any of the junk on the computer. I used a web tutorial and all went well, but mine never asked about internet connection toward the end. Finished that, couldn't get it to recognize the modem, or even try to connect to internet. A friend told me I needed to reinstall device drivers, so I found where they are in device manager, but it gives me NO properties on the problem ones other than a general name (Video Controller, SM Bus Controller, PCI Device, and Ethernet Controller). All of them are categorized as "Other Device" with "unknown" manufacturer. I tried looking through the available driver downloads, but without knowing really anything about these, I don't have a clue what I'm looking for.
    Computer is a Dell, modem is Actiontec, internet is Century Link. Don't know if any of that makes a difference, but I figured I might as well give you what I know.
    There was a fifth problem driver, but the computer allowed me to reinstall that one (the internal modem) without incident. The other four would not let me reinstall. Not that it matters, but I know the new modem is powered on and the internet works just fine because both my phone and tablet will connect to it via wifi with no issues. There are just SO many available drivers, for me and my computer ignorance, it's like a blind person finding four needles in haystack. Any help is appreciated! If you need anymore info, just ask
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    Also, I have a system CD labeled "drivers and devices". If I disable the problem drivers and reboot with that CD in, will that reinstall them and fix my problem? I'll try that when I get home (I'm at work on a different computer), even if it doesn't work. I'm just at a loss here. I've seen other posts with suggestions of going to the factory site to download drivers, but like I said, I'm not at home so I don't have access to my computer's info. Thanks again for any help ya'll can offer, and I'll update the post from my tablet when I get home to include system info.
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    Hi @StacyG

    And welcome to TechSpot! :)

    Typically, your Dell CD labeled "drivers and devices" should fix most, if not all, of your driver issues. Just insert the CD and it should start on its own and prompt you to begin. If, by chance, it doesn't start on its own, click My Computer, right click on the CD/DVD device and select Autoplay should start it for you

    When it's done, check if your network adapter is working and you have internet. Then check the rest. Post back if you have any questions
  4. StacyG

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    Ah! I did put it in before but it didn't do anything. I will try the autoplay function. Thank you so much!
  5. StacyG

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    SUCCESS! Got the necessary drivers loaded from the CD, no more yellow question marks in my device manager, and I was able to load in IE. Have a great weekend and I really appreciated your help

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