After power failure, unable to reboot computer

By pc6
Dec 26, 2004
  1. Last night, while using my HP laptop (with Windows XP Pro), I experienced a power failure. I did not try to turn the laptop back on until this morning (when power was restored). However, the computer goes to a black screen where I have an option to start using Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Last Known Configuration and Normal. No matter which option I choose, the laptop just loops back to that screen. I have tried to move the computer to a different area of the house and plug into different outlets to no avail. I am at a complete loss! Can anyone help me? (The last thing I did prior to the power failure was to remove a software program - WinMX and reboot, then about 20 minutes later the power failed.)

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    I'm not sure if it is bad hardware or a OS problem, but you can definately try repairing your OS. Have a look at this thread and follow the directions. That should restore all your critical OS files to their original state and possibly enable you to start windows.

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    Thanks for the directions. I still couldn't get it to restore. :( I am sooo sad but I'll be ok. :) Thanks for the welcome!
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