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Dec 3, 2005
  1. hey i plan on buying a new comp now and upgrading next summer. so i was wondering so i buy a cheap agp mobo and get a cheap agp card or just get a cheap pci-e board now and a 7800 just upgrade the board?

    ps. the only game im gonna play till ut2007 is cod2
  2. vnf4ultra

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    It doesn't make much difference, but pci-e x16 has more future than agp. Agp is pretty much done, there will likely be no more new cards for agp, while pci-e x16 is still new and having cards designed for it. So if you want the system for a long time, get one with pci-e x16, but if it's only for a short time, save some money and get agp.
  3. swker98

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    if you want upgradebility go for pci express 16x
  4. gary_hendricks

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    Hi there flavin,

    I can understand your pain. Choosing an AGP Or PCI Express path is one decision I'm also facing in my next upgrade.

    Well, to set things straight - without a doubt, the future belongs to the new PCI Express interface. However, the technology is still too new to judge when exactly this future will be upon us; in other words, when PCI Express will become a "must-have". So far, only motherboards using Intel chipsets offer PCI Express at all, although the competition supporting AMD is set to go.

    Where 3D performance is concerned, PCI Express offers at best minimal advantages over AGP models. If you're looking to upgrade your graphics card - you won't be making a mistake if you pick up an AGP model. This is assuming that your system is reasonably powerful and up-to-date.

    However, in your situation, since the potential upgrade includes a new motherboard and a CPU, it's worth taking a look at PCI Express. Keep an eye on the price tag, though, as PCI Express systems on the whole aren't significantly faster than their AGP counterparts at the moment. In the end, it's up to the individual to decide how much an investment into the future is worth to them.

    Some background on the graphics processors out there. For NVIDIA, there is the NV43. NV43 is NVIDIA's first "pure" PCI Express graphics processor, especially developed for the new PCI Express bus. In contrast, the GeForce 6800 and the older GeForce PCX GPUs are native AGP chips that NVIDIA makes PCI Express-capable by means of a translator: the so-called HSI bridge chip. For the AGP variations of the GeForce 6600, NVIDIA goes in the opposite direction, by having the bridge chip make the GeForce 6600 GPU AGP-compatible.

    Which should you buy, you ask? The advantages of the new PCI Express bus over the AGP are currently more theoretical than real, but without a doubt the future belongs to the newer interface. The higher transfer speed and the ability to send and receive data simultaneously -AGP is only able to go one way at a time - are clear advantages for future applications and new games.

    Up until now, however, the industry has failed to provide the practical proof of all these advantages. At least in games - the main application of a 3D consumer graphics card - no advantages can be found at present for PCI Express graphics cards compared to AGP versions.

    Adapting a computer to PCI Express is not cheap by any means. In addition to a new motherboard, most of the time you also need a new CPU, cooler, memory modules and potentially even a new power supply.

    Since the advantages of PCI Express are minimal, purchase of a new AGP graphics card is the most cost-effective way of improving performance on an existing computer for most gamers, assuming the PC's computing power has been kept up to current standards. Switching to PCI Express makes sense only when the PC is outdated and dragging, and it's time for a general overhaul.

    By the way, there's more information about PCI Express in the following post I made:

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you've any more queries.
  5. bEDwEtTeR

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    You could check this out and have both.
    i have one of these mobo's and it works great..
    used both agp and pci-e

    - 1 x AGP 8X/4X 1.5V slot, 3 x PCI slots
    - PCI Express X16 slot, PCI Express X1 slot
  6. vnf4ultra

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    I'd hardly call it "too new" anymore, I've had pci-e x16 graphics for almost a full year now, and it had been out for months prior to my purchase. Now pci-e x16 is basically the only type of graphics being made. All new motherboards that are graphically upgradeable have pci-e x16 slots now, so I'd say pci express is definitely mainstream for new pcs.

    That hasn't been true since December(maybe November) of 2004.
    Look how many amd pci-e x16 boards are available now.
    98 boards on newegg.

    Except the newer cards, like the nvidia 7800 series and ati x1000k series aren't even available in agp.

    Pci-e x16 boards can be had for both socket 939 and 754 cpus, so only socket a cpus can't have pci-e graphics. Amd boards still use ddr memory(pc3200), so that shouldn't be an issue. If the power supply is underpowered it may need replaced, but many cards that require a pci-e power wire from the psu come with a molex to pci-e power adapter.

    I'm not trying to come down hard on what you have said, I just don't think the information you stated is true any longer. Pci express has basically taken over now, and agp is nearing it's end. That said, you can get agp x850xt pe cards which are very fast, but that likely is the fastest agp card that will ever be made.
  7. DonNagual

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  9. flavin

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    alright well let me say something. i wanna buy a computer by the end of this year. and im doin it by myself (6.50 per hour). i plan to buy a compltely new comp now and then next summer upgrade preety much everything i guess. SO what i wanted to no is should i go for the cheaper or the expensiver stuff now wehn im just gonna upgrade to the best in 6months. does agp really cause less fps and stuff while gaming? what should i do??????
  10. DonNagual

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    I would get a high quality motherboard and PSU.

    For example an nforce4 based socket 939 motherboard with a PCI-e graphics slot, and an Antec 450W psu.

    Then depending on how much money you have left, get what you can for the CPU, graphics card, memory, hard drive etc.

    This way you have options when you want to upgrade.
  11. gary_hendricks

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    Hi vnf4ultra,

    Yes, agree with you. An no offense taken. I do realize that PCI Express cards have taken over.
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