AIM problems.... My first time...=/

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Mar 7, 2007
  1. I am having MAJOR problems w my AIM. I can sign on fine, but when the buddy list comes up on the side, none of my buddies show, they all show as OFFLINE. and I cant even IM anyone... I dont know whats going on bc I just used it fine like 2 days ago. HELP!!! I use AIM all day in my office and this is a HUGE inconvinience...:bounce:
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    Possibly got blocked by your IT department. They probably want you working rather than chatting during work hours anyway.
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    SNGX...just another stab in the dark. But some companies use messenger services as well as email. We use yahoo at my job to communicate with the customer in Battle Creek, MI. all the time. Although I wouldn't use AIM for anything, her company may use it for business related functions.
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    No, My IT dept has already looked at it, and we use it for work, its a BIG building, AIM is a quick way to talk to others in the building... we are just baffled by this...
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    AIM help

    Hey it used to happen to me yo,I might be a virus related problem. As soon as you sign on you dont see none of your buddies but you're still signed on. Does your AIM freeze after sign on? If there's a virus messin with your AIM program then use this program, AIMFix. You download that utility at or Make sure you downlaod the most current version.
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