All my programs wont start up anymore!

By TacticalFlow
Jan 19, 2005
  1. I came home from work and when i booted my computer ad watch found some registerys changes so i just decline all of them because usually there ad or spyware.. But this never happen to me when i started up my computer..

    So after declining all those registerys all the programs says "windows cannot open this file" "choose a program to open it with" It wont even open up system restore! i dont know what to do .. cant think of anything. I can go on the internet tho! and open windows media player..

    Someone please help
  2. iamevl

    iamevl TS Rookie

  3. TacticalFlow

    TacticalFlow TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 30

    Thanks. I got it fixed sorta.. Checked the adware forums and they had a fix..
    But everything doesnt start up like my norton auto detect and the network and volume icon..
    how can i fix those?
  4. iamevl

    iamevl TS Rookie

    sometimes mine does that as a matter of course.
    run adaware and fix all run spybot and fix all and run hijack this and post your log on here (make sure all these progs are fully updated.) with your hijack this log RealBlackStuff will help he was a great help to me (its good to know that people will help noobs)

    when you are done if your icons are not back check to make sure the show icon boxes are ticked, check task manager for your norton to make sure it is actually running and log off and then back on again (presumably you run xp)
    logging off and then logging on again sorts mine out. it only happens when explorer overloads and restarts itself with me
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