Amazon's MMO New World is delayed again, release date pushed one more month


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What just happened? Soon after New World's closed beta ended, Amazon Games announced that the game had been delayed one more time, pushing its release about a month from August 31st to September 28th. The team needs more time for additional polishing following the feedback received from players during the beta period.

The announcement was made on Twitter, where the development team wrote a letter to fans thanking them for participating in the closed beta and explaining why the release had to be pushed. The team will take players' feedback from the beta "to make New World even better," improving some game systems, fixing bugs, and increasing stability.

This was "not an easy decision to make" the developers said, even though this isn't the first time the game has been delayed, we do believe it will be the last.

The letter also shares some data about the closed beta. Steam registered a peak of over 200,000 concurrent players, but it looks like the total number of players was actually much bigger, with over a million players logging into the game. Moreover, players accumulated over 25 million hours playing the beta.

The closed beta also generated some controversy, with users reporting their RTX 30 series cards were bricking and frying while playing the game or just staying idle at the main menu.

In response to these reports, Amazon stated that the team "[has] seen no indication of widespread issues with 3090s, either in the beta or during [their] many months of alpha testing." The team then updated the game, capping the FPS on the menu "to further reassure players."

Now set to release on September 28, you can pre-order New World Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition through Steam or Amazon for $39.99 and $49.99, respectively.

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From the looks of the Beta they need to delay it a lot longer and they should. No matter how much Cyberpunk 2077 is improved they will never make the kind of money they could have if they released a finished game that was as good as their marketing made it out to be.


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I bought it back in 2020 and got my money back after first delay. It's looking pretty bad but I have not tried it. It seems they are pushing it to streamers (do they pay them to play, is the question...)


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For being a beta, it wasn’t all too terrible to play. They had some terrain clipping issues, definite needed enhancements in optimization for graphics, and other random quest bugs.. but that was to be expected.

It was a better game than I was expecting, I hope they work out the kinks, and take all the time they need to do so.


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I played the first beta last year and the game needed some improvements. I played this closed beta that came out recently, and honestly not much has changed from the first beta. I do feel this game has a lot of potential and I am for them delaying it to make it right.

I don't want to see this become another Cyberpunk launch. Take your time and fix the game to make it enjoyable and playable.


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This game is so generic, almost nothing about it is noteworthy. The setting, enemies, quests....not really bad, just not all that good either.