AMC's movie subscription service attracts more than 600,000 members in the first six months

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AMC Theatres has managed to attract more than 600,000 members to its Stubs A-List movie subscription service, smashing expectations set by the chain when the program launched six months ago.

AMC announced the milestone in what’ll almost certainly be the final enrollee update of the year. Back in October (at 14 weeks in), AMC boasted that it had recently passed the 400,000 member mark. At launch, the company expected to hit 500,000 members after a full year on the market.

Stubs A-List membership includes access to up to three movies per week in any format and show time, free upgrades on soda and popcorn, express service at the box office and concession stand, no online ticketing fees and more. There’s also a rewards program that grants $5 in credits for every 5,000 points earned.

While perhaps not the best investment for the casual moviegoer, programs like Stubs A-List and others offer plenty of value for those who frequent theatres. You’ll need to do the math to be certain that you’ll save some dough, however, as the service commands $19.95 per month, plus tax.

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I've never understood the people I know who will literally poop in their pants if they don't get to go and see the new crop of films at the theatre.
I love films as far back as the late 1930's, I like Hong Kong cinema, I have a few German films and two from South America (in Brazilian Portugese) and I like anime (mostly in Japanese).
Why would bother to go for the junk mostly peddled at the theatre when there are so many other great films I haven't seen or the classics? Plus I'd rather watch them at my or a friends place, much nicer...


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Let me think... I could go to the movies pay $15 plus another $10 for drinks and popcorn per person... Or I could watch something at home. Buy a movie for 5-10 bucks and own it. All I want drinks and popcorn will cost me like $3. Plus I get the benefit of being able to pause. Not having the seat be sticky. Not have someone cough on me or talk during the movie...

I think I'll stay home thanks :D