AMD's Lisa Su doubles down on 'Big Navi' and Zen 3 for 2020


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Intel are number one on steam because of laptops.
I think that's something that a lot of people don't take into consideration. Just how many people are gaming on laptops, as opposed to the most often more powerful desktop systems.
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With everything you just said: there is still no illusion that Intel and Nvidia control the CPU and GPU markets. AMD can't even wrestle the low-end GPU market away from Nvidia - who dominates with the 1060.

Let me let you in on a secret...

When you're involved in an elitist hobby such as "PC Master Race"... no one is fighting to show off the cheapest CPU and GPU.
My only point was to just clearly point out that you are obviously more than willing to use erroneous sentiment and false pretenses to justify your stance. You do realize that by doing that you are only devaluing your own posts, don't you?

That said, feel free to keep the posts coming.
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Is it just me or does the girl in the promo shot look like she's wearing a Half-Life hazard suit?


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China and India have more 15-25 year olds than America has citizens.
You're putting China and India in the same range. But China has two times higher average salaries than India, so their teenagers are worth twice as much in the terms of sales. United States has 3.5 times higher average salary than China and 8 times higher than India. You have to take into account the purchase power, not just number of heads.