An Amp for my SUB?

By branjmb
Nov 12, 2008
  1. New 10” Bazooka Bass Tube Subwoofer Sub Enclosure FS NR

    what kind of amp is good for this??? does it matter? does any amp work with any sub?

    are there super good and super bad amps??
  2. turbo1

    turbo1 TS Maniac Posts: 353

    How was the 10" driver rated? in terms of watts (rms),ohmic value.
    voice coils (single or dual).if unsure,just identify the brand/model of
    the driver (sub).

    is the Bazooka sub enclosure powered (with built-in amplifier)?

    how do you plan to use this? normally Bazooka tube enclosures
    are for cars.unless customized for home use.
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