Animal rights organization demands Ubisoft remove Far Cry 6 minigame


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In a nutshell: Ubisoft's Far Cry series is no stranger to violence, with the latest installment of the franchise earning an "M for Mature" rating from the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). But it's the game's cock fighting minigame that has earned the attention of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Latino group. The animal rights organization has issued a statement condemning the minigame and demanding the developer replace it with a less violent alternative. Something tells me they've never played Far Cry before.

You can hunt enemies with your paraplegic dog. You can fight a cougar, crocodile, or any number of other animals. But wrestle with a rooster in Far Cry 6? According to PETA that's a line that you can't cross.

Released earlier this month, the sixth mainline installment of the Far Cry series continues to provide players with the ability to interact with a variety of animals ranging from companion crocodiles to attack dogs. The game's ESRB rating is reflective of the language and violent content included in the Far Cry 6 story. But there's one specific minigame in the recently released Ubisoft title that has drawn a cocky response from a well-known animal rights organization. You guessed it... cock fighting.

Throughout the game players can collect roosters and engage in cock fights at bases across the fictional country of Yara. Once started, players assume control of their chosen rooster and engage in a Tekken-like battle complete with rounds and special moves to subdue your opponent. Unlike real cock fights, however, the roosters in the Far Cry 6 minigame spill no blood and are not killed at the end of a match. In the game, players are free to maim and kill any number of other wild animals, but somehow this didn't seem to be a problem for PETA.

The setting for the game, the island nation of Yara, is based on Cuban culture. Cock fighting is legal and still considered a popular pastime in Cuba, with fights hosted at numerous state-run and underground venues throughout the country. As a result, Ubisoft developers felt it was a detail worth including in Yara's Cuban-inspired environment.

The minigame has been met with mixed response; while some accept it as a fun side quest in the game, others have criticized Ubisoft for being out of touch with present day animal rights issues.

Ubisoft as of this writing has made no mention of plans to remove the minigame from the Far Cry 6 game environment. Based on gameplay and footage posted since the game's release there's a good chance the cock fights will be one of many issues on PETA's list of problems.

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Poor animals. Those Cubans doing that should be impaled. I have no patience with humans taking advantage of their "apparent" superior intelligence to torture animals which cannot defend themselves.


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I'm against gratuitous violence and I love animals. However, these imbeciles are laughable. I eat meat, I killed animals in my life but these morons with "you MUST go vegan" should be the laughing stock of everyone.


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Nearly everyone agrees Peta is a joke - but a necessary joke . They push boundaries, awareness and debates . More moderates will do the hard yards.
My Mrs plays the Far Cries - the one set in Nepal or some such place allows you to kill endangered species - snow leopards, rhinos etc .
If I am going to act, roleplay, game - I like to get into character - that's why I play conservatively in rpgs - you are not meant to die . But I will draw the line at some stuff .
One of the MOST important lessons in psychology is actions can precede or affect thoughts .
That's why in indoctrination/cults/army etc they control your actions first .
Heath Ledger went a little weird because he wanted to get into that character.
There is a story of a POW in Colditz who wanted to escape by pretending to be insane - when he was finally released he was insane .
Put a smile on your face you will feel happier , get outside in natural and do an activity - much harder to be depressed .
Ps before you jump down my throat - most violent video games are mindless - twitch games - no thought about roleplaying needed - so no effect - you see this in mindless OTT movies - nearly no one reacts to it - but show a scene in a drama of some guy pushing an old lady to the ground and we all want him to get smacked badly
PETA they have nothing else better to do but find something to ***** about that's all people are about nowadays I wouldn't worry about them they have nothing else to do in their life but complain about other things that don't directly affect them. PETA they're a joke and their reasoning makes no sense at all.
PETA mad because millions of people enjoy and like ubisoft's games. And also they're just jealous cuz they're not getting a piece of y'all's pie Ubisoft. Ubisoft, y'all keep doing what y'all doing y'all are doing a fantastic job with everything y'all do don't let one useless organization make y'all change what you're doing y'all stay true and stick with what y'all got. If I was y'all Ubisoft I would just ignore then because they ain't got nothing else to do.


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Hmmm....So they want them to take out some fake usage of roosters in a game that is fiction as in a story created to entertain those that buy the game but they are ok with the killing of fake humans in the same said game. They do realize that in the real world this type of thing most likely happens there in that country and maybe they should go and pester the people there and government and try to stop it happening to real live roosters and not fake fictional roosters in a game.

Oh wait they know they would either get a flat out no or threatened to get shot for trying to mess with stuff like this there. Far easier to go after some random game company than go after a country whos government most likely will have you arrested or shot for being *****s.

I hope the makers of FarCry just tell them to go fly a kite or bugger off. Hell if anything all Peta is doing is directing more attention towards the game and will probably drive up sales of the game a lot more since more people will want to have the game and see what all the fuss is about. Way to go Peta I am sure the game company is gonna thank you for helping them sell a million or two more copies of the game.


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PETA"s duplicity, hypocrisy, and stupidity, are boundlessly overbearing for me in certain circumstances.

My pet peeve, is seeing polar gears, half starved, floating forlornly on a chunk of ice, with little opportunity to feed.

Of course, PETA will tell you that, "wild animals are meant to be in the wild. Well, we're liable to lose these beautiful creatures, before we ever get global warming, under control.

I say, the biggest favor we could do these giants, is dart the sh!t out of them, bring them back, put them in a zoo, and fatten them up, while we enjoy their company..

I keep cats, and out of the corner of my eye sometimes, I wounder what it would like to have a bobcat or a Canada lynx as a pet. Well, you hear all kind of reasons for- against that, some -quite good.

But the one that blew the stupid meter off the dial was, "because they shed".

I've had 2 Maine coons, and a ragdoll that refused to be brushed. I'm still picking hair out of the carpets from him. I often mutter to myself, "Matty will never be truly gone".

As for the coonies, they eat two cans of food a day, it would seem just to have the protein to grow and shed hair.

As I'm on my knees brushing the hair out of the carpet before I could even think about running a vacuum, I say to myself "oh yeah, I'm sure a bobcat would be much worse, than these 25 pound, four legged, hair factories".

(BTW, I know, I know, cats only have two legs, the front two are actually arms.
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Such BS. People need to get a life and get over the fact that it's a video game!!

You're supposed to do and be able to do shtuff in games and movies one shouldn't go in real life!! It's called an "escape...!!".

Take that shtuff away and I can say it's just going to spark more of the real thing.

Animal activists can eat a bag of donkey balls.

And can also get bent.